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Silent Logger Plus - Remote Install Stealth PC Keystroke Recorder - NEW

The Silent Logger is a revolutionary product that allows you to secretly record everything that happens on the computer that you need to monitor. Within minutes you can begin tracking keystrokes, email passwords, both sides of IM conversations, and even images of exactly what is appearing on screen. The monitoring features of Silent Logger are unparalleled in ability, discreetness, and ease of use.

The Silent Logger Plus (Remote Install Edition) is designed for people who need to secretly monitor a computer, but don't have physical access to it. This version of Silent Logger includes all the great features of Silent Logger Standard, in addition to the Remote Install Tool, which allows you to continually monitor a computer even if it is located on the other side of the world. Silent Logger Plus enables you to install the software on your local computer and 2 other remote computers. Silent Logger can also be uninstalled remotely after a time period that you specify elapses.

Silent Logger Plus is ideal if you need to discreetly monitor your college student's computer or the activities of an employee.

Silent Logger Standard Features

-Easy and quick guided install
-Customizable stealth mode
-Keylogger/Password Report
-Instant Messenger Report
-Visited Websites Report
-Applications Utilized Report
-Screen Shots Report
-Secret hotkey access option
-View reports locally option
-Autorun start option
-View activity by time period
-Clear logs option
-Retrieve "Spy Logs/Reports" via email
-Multiply email report options
-Simple uninstall procedure

Silent Logger Plus Features

If you need the ability to spy on a computer you don't have access to the Plus version is required. Silent Logger Plus comes with remote install capabilities, the ability to monitor up to 3 computers, and all the great features of Standard.

Silent Logger Plus
Purchase for only $82.99

Payment Methods

Silent Logger Plus

Silent Logger Plus - Remote Install Edition

Buy Now Only $82.99

Payment Methods

Software Details

Product: Silent Logger Plus
Platrform: IBM/PC Compatible
Device Size: 1.6in Length
Memory: 64kb
Tech Support: Yes

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